BulkMailer is a free open-source program for sending newsletters. Compose your e-mail with your favorite editor, import your addresses, and send to all.

To Run as A Java Applet

You need the latest Java version with Medium security level.

Version 2.0 (201407201757)

To Run as A Standalone Local Application

BulkMailer requires Java JRE 1.5 / SE JRE 5.0 or superior.

  1. Create a BulkMailer installation directory, for example C:\Program Files\BulkMailer\
  2. Copy the files bulkmailer.jar and config file BulkMailer_config.properties
  3. Edit the config file BulkMailer_config.properties: set up your ISP values and preferences
  4. Copy the following files into the directory, or into the Java extension directory (for example under Windows C:\Program Files\Java\jre_1.5\lib\ext\):
  5. Double-click the BulkMailer JAR file

If your Java installation does not support JAR file double-clicking, open a command prompt in the directory and execute the following command: java -jar bulkmailer.jar

Additional support can be found in the user guide.

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